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How can you know if a guy you are dating is the one you can get married to?

shallom ayo
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hello ma. 

              please are there ways you can know that the guy you are corrently dating could or would be your future husband. i have been in and out of various relationships some with good expereince and some with bad expereinces why these relationships lasted. And some i have through ingorance or '' taking them for granted'' have lost good potential spouse all because i could not specifically deserned the one to finally settled with. please i really need a sincere answer to this. 

Funmilayo Akingbade
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hi shallomayo

                        God your mail. As much as there are no had and fast rules  as to knowing a guy you can get married to, there are however some basic things you should watch out for. These basic things cut across any age, culture, race or status.

He must be a God-fearing man. This aspect can never be over emphasized nor undermined. This is because a man that fears God will automatically love God. A man that loves God would easily treat you right, because such a man is under the influence, dictate and control of God. this singular aspect is a good pointer to who you can/may get married to.

He must also be someone you are definitley attracted to, there must be a level of attraction.

He must also be someone that you can assure yourself you will be able to leave with and coop with ispite of his faults.

He must be someone you will be able to respect, honour and celebrate.




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