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Still desire sex badly even at 82

Straleo Leo
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I still want sex badly at 82 years am I normal? Although I am not sure about my wife’s desire she is 65 years. And I don’t think she is on the same page with me because she thinks we should have outgrown such by now, because she is always very dry and sex to her is so painful. Through our 40 years of marriage, I was always the aggressor and the initiator and I could get aroused brushing up against her in the kitchen and up until now I still can but nor as frequent. In attempting to see if she was interested, I bought your book on sex for the elderly couples. I casually left it near her closet in the bedroom. I have asked if she found the book interesting and all I got was a questionable look and response. I am not physically attractive as I once were but I continue to look at attractive women walking about and my libido is still much active. How can I fulfill this desire without making a fool of myself?

Funmi Akingbade
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To start with become a special unavoidable friend to your wife, shower attention and praise on her, talk to her in a way as if she is a young teenager who is in her first dating period. Show her open affection in such a manner that she will become embarrassingly happy continue this for days week and months, take her on a trip to places she has dreamt of and make a boost of it to your friends and her children, buy her the types of under wares she likes make her wear them in your presence praise her look while she is putting them on go to the extent of suggesting you help her wear them. Treat her like a baby even at that age cares  and massage her body while she is resting, insisting such  caressing is good for her continue in these gestures and before you will know it she will be the one asking for sex and not the other way round in spite of her earlier refusal.  This is because sex to a woman of any age is not only attached to their heart but also to their emotion. When you have successfully enter into the heart of any woman of any age you will easily enter her legs regardless of any prevailing situation or circumstances.

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