Category: Mindset

Local Foods That Can Prevent Cancer From Ruining Your Sex Life

April 7, 2015
Health, they say, is wealth but poor health can jeopardize our sex lives. Cancer is one condition that has ruined many relationships and the war against it seem to be...

Aerobics can Reverse Mental Decline in Older Adults

March 18, 2015
Regular exercise can reverse age-related brain decline, according to a U.S. cognitive neuroscientist. Prof. Art Kramer, of the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois, says there’s substantial evidence showing...

Women Smokers Prone to Dangerous Blood Vessel Condition

February 10, 2015
Women who smoke are eight times more likely to suffer a potentially fatal rupture of the body’s largest artery, or require surgery to repair the weakening that can cause such...
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