Boobs as Vital Sex Commodities – Part 1

Boobs as Vital Sex Commodities – Part 1

Many married women love and hate their breasts and backsides. They think these parts of the body are the most important areas that will score them soaring points in bed with their husbands. Yet women who are not so naturally endowed with them can still be sexually appealing, charming, interesting, wild and exciting in bed.
Such women need to know how to turn their breasts and backsides into essential sex commodities and deal with their peculiar inadequacies.

When a woman assists her husband to enjoy her breasts to the fullest, it boosts her confidence, especially during lovemaking; makes her feel secure, and helps her to achieve orgasm more often than she can ever imagine.
So, woman, avoid wearing brassieres all the time. There are more sexy ways to maximise your great assets. When you relax with your husband on the couch, reading or watching TV, go bra-less on a silk house-wear and guide his hand to your breasts. Then ask him to scratch your breasts gently with his fingertips.
When your husband rests on the bed, stand in front of him, clasp your hands behind your back and practise some of your exercises. Nothing arouses a man more than when he sees his wife’s breasts ‘fly’ up and down. It is a call to sexual luxury. He will ask for more.

Whet his appetite by getting him to try this technique with his hand. Tell him to draw a V shape with his index and middle fingers and then tickle your nipples. Do not stop there, but hand him a bottle of your baby’s hair lotion. Tell him to apply the lotion on your breasts and massage them.
Using a circular motion and medium pressure, rub from the base of your breasts upwards, along the outer edges, and stop just below your armpits. Then place his hands on your chest and let him work his way across the centre of your chest to the sides of your body. Make him trace the figure eight around both nipples, while giving you a deep, steamy kiss. Who says your breasts can’t answer ‘the call’?

Emboss your husband’s name on the cup of your brassiere, especially on the spot around your nipples, greet him with a peck when you bend forward and just whisper to his hearing ‘undue waiting is dangerous.’
Strategically place his favourite chocolate or mint over your bare nipples just before he comes to bed. Experiment with different edibles during foreplay in order to see what feels best against your sensitive skin.
Get creative with whatever is around the house, have him trail things like a silk scarf, cotton wool, or cover clothes over your breasts. When you notice he is not too tired, dare your husband to unhook your bra without using his hands.
Occasionally when both of you are alone in your home, cook his dinner without wearing a bra, serve his meal without a bra and join him on the dining table topless, after you must have dabbed on a body spray and watch him eat the food seductively.

Smear your breasts with salad cream or ice cream (even Victoria’s Secret Berry Passion) to give him a tasty surprise treat by the time his lips are in the celebrated vicinity. After the initial round of sex, tell him that you can’t wait for the second round.
Take him to the bathroom and while standing in front of the mirror, make him to cup your breasts from behind. Whatever the shape or sizes of the breasts, this act brings a feel of youthfulness to you and your husband. It always feels as if you are both young lovers experiencing the thrill of your bodies awakening again.

If you sweat a lot, sprinkle a light coating of baby powder between your breasts to keep them dry. Sometimes a woman’s body becomes a ‘no-go area’ during her menstrual period and her breasts feel sore and painful. Whenever this occurs, what you need to do is wrap a refrigerated raw cabbage around each breast and hold it there until it withers. Afterwards have your husband lick your nipples tantalisingly. This is a very fast way to achieve orgasm.
Still on this subject, a certain Mrs. Niko once complained to me, “It is obvious, from the type of clothes I wear that my breasts are of two different sizes.”
Researchers have discovered that no woman has a perfectly matching pair of breasts. A small number of women may develop visibly unbalanced breasts, but this can be corrected by buying bras that fit the larger breast. Then you have to insert a foam or silicone-gel pad into the smaller cup. If you find it difficult to get a good silicone-gel pad, please send me an SMS and I will give you directions on 08029593116.
Another lady, Mrs. Monday said, “Sometimes my chest gets unbelievably itchy and I have to scratch it, even in public. My colleagues in the office think I should go for a breast cancer cheek-up. But this makes me uncomfortable. I’m still a young vibrant married woman in her early 20s.”
Actually, most of the time, ignorance kills faster than disease. Many times what may appear like breast cancer can just be dryness-induced itching. After having your bath, smear your breasts with body lotion abundantly. This will keep your skin moisturised, which reduces dryness-induced itching. Next, look for moisture-tolerance bra, fabric, and breathable micro fibre materials, which are less irritating.

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