Warming your Way into his Heart

November 18, 2014
For over a year now, I have taken time out to do an in-depth compilation of remarks or results from married women all over the globe. Many wives have attested...

Eleven Hot Reasons to have Sex Tonight

November 5, 2014
Reason one: For newly married lovers, it is important to note that sex enhances newness. When couples start off something with sex, it binds them together, it seals a lasting...

Boobs as Vital Sex Commodities – Part 1

November 4, 2014
Many married women love and hate their breasts and backsides. They think these parts of the body are the most important areas that will score them soaring points in bed...

Why Maturity is Integral for Great Sex

September 16, 2014
There are several reasons why parents, counsellors, educators and sex therapists try to preach abstinence among the youths and young adults, even during the Valentine season. The most obvious of...
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