150 ways to unravel every sexual mix-up

December 27, 2018
So, how’s your sex life?  This is a question couples find difficult to answer straight and satisfactory whenever they are either on the phone, or on skype or in my office for...

41 Best female sexual pleasure lures

December 22, 2018
As usual festival and festivities periods are just around the corner and celebration songs are echoing all around us, but one of the best ways this season can be memorable...

When Sex Goes Dull

June 2, 2015
Is your sex life in a rut? This is a question that every couple would need to answer at some point, no matter how good its sex life is at...

How to Handle a Cheating Spouse

May 13, 2015
Infidelity has been a serious threat to the beauty of marriage. People hold the erroneous belief that it has come to stay. The general attitude is that ‘everybody is doing...

Local Foods That Can Prevent Cancer From Ruining Your Sex Life

April 7, 2015
Health, they say, is wealth but poor health can jeopardize our sex lives. Cancer is one condition that has ruined many relationships and the war against it seem to be...
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