41 Best female sexual pleasure lures

41 Best female sexual pleasure lures

As usual festival and festivities periods are just around the corner and celebration songs are echoing all around us, but one of the best ways this season can be memorable is when couple connect more than ever. I have ever believed the best sex between couples is when the husband discovered and adequately applied how to get the best sex out of his wife which invariably leads to an unending sexual escapade for the husband. So, in summary best sex for the wife is directly proportional to a lifestyle of endless sex for the husband.

1 … The root of memorable celebration seasons is rooted in the oneness and unity of the married lover spirit soul and body, and one of the best ways this can be achieved is when sex is not only on the scene but well attended to. The truth remains that wholesome sexual intercourse is a normal and healthy activity between couples, which they engage in for utmost satisfaction. And during the act lot of incredible things happen in human body.

2 … Husband one of the major things that make sex interesting to your wife is the act of orgasm; in which her heart pumps faster while she individual involved breathes heavily to fuel the muscles. Then, hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin send instant messages about this sexual activity to the brains and other sensitive parts of her bodies, and in a jiffy, blood is pumped into her genital regions to create high voltage tension that ultimately triggers a reflex (that is, a muscular spasm of the genitals). The immediate reflex results in her pelvic-floor muscles, contracting between five and 15 times at 0.8-second intervals.

3 … This is in one word the wonder of orgasm which has been defined as an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension experienced by most wives! My plead to you is that you should do every and all things to make this achievable during this period, you can never imagine the sexual satisfactory height it will lead you to as the husband.

4 … Besides, do you know that medically orgasm experience helps to burn out some amount of fat around the heart tissues and neural pathways in the spine; this explosive discharge of a neuromuscular tension is not only peculiar to the male gender when they experience ejaculation phase, but amazingly it also applicable to your wife.

5 … When your wife undergoes the mysteries of female undisturbed orgasm especially when you as the husband press the right button, by giving good, careful and gentle attention to the clitoris which is the most prominent and sensitive female organ that could trigger orgasm anytime there is gentle sexual activity, you are not only hitting the nail on the head, you are driving the nail down with the appropriate speed. This woman will ALWAYS ask for a repeat of this type of unique and exclusive experience.

6 …  Husbands I need you to have a bit view of what this powerful organ looks like. Besides that, this clitoris is as equally saturated with good nerves if not more like the nerves of the penis, it is as highly sensitive like the penis regardless the size. It is also a powerful organ that erupt into a volcano in the body of the woman.

7 …  This organ is about two inches above the vaginal opening, located in front and above the opening of the urethra (urine outlet).

8 … It is the most sexually sensitive part of the female reproductive organ; it becomes slightly enlarged and erect in response to sexual stimulation. This is called the female ‘sexual volcano trigger.”

9 … Most married women do not experience orgasm because their husbands hardly take quality time to lovingly and gently caress this organ during foreplay. Sufficient stimulation of this volcanic organ during foreplay produces the orgasm experience in nearly all women, and this organ still remain the major organ to female sexual satisfaction.

10 … However, it should be noted that this must be done with utmost care, as many husbands had, in the course of caressing the clitoris, inflicted untold pains on their wives. What is expected of such husbands is merely a tender touch, or better still, using their tongue or hands to stimulate the organ, which produces orgasm within a twinkle of an eye. Unfortunately, in most parts of the African continent, this wonderful structure is usually removed or mutilated during female circumcision.

11 … They question remains; why are some women finding it difficult to experience orgasm? The answers are not far-fetched. Apart from the fact that the organ had been mutilated, some husbands are not doing justice to it during foreplay or penetrative sex.

12 … May I submit here that although, it is widely known that sex has many advantages, but the sex that has the most advantages is the regular orgasmic sex which has been recorded to produce much more advantages. Not only does it help one’s confidence, self-esteem, vitality, strength and energy, it also has concrete health benefits.

 13 … On the other hands, regular sex without orgasm, especially for a woman, may leave her unsatisfied and disinterested in sex. In fact, the reason why some women are so disinterested in sex is because they have not experienced the blissful release that comes with orgasm. It has been scientifically proven that until the volcano eruptive organ in the woman is regularly activated which is the clitoris leading to regular good orgasm that such women may never experience with the best of total health.

14 … More than anything, make sure that your wife achieves orgasm every time. You may not necessarily see or hear her scream and pant wildly, but in a subtle way you will see the transformation taking place when you press the right button at the right time

15 … The sexiest thing any wife can do to assist the husband for this exploit is that she tells him what she likes best in bed and how she likes it carried out. While many husbands usually reach orgasm in a matter of minutes, it could take some wives 20 minutes to get there.

16 … Many wives would experience unending orgasm and ask for more if she is given sex at different sport around the house. This particular method has been subscribed to by many many women.

These are some comments of some wives who would remain anonymous for privacy reasons-;

[a] ‘whenever this is going on, I whisper romantic things into my husband’s ears, which leave me gasping for breath within the twinkle of an eye. ‘

[b] ‘I really do not like the idea of going straight for my clitoris. I usually make this his last resort, and when this is going on, I love to strategically change positions, varying positions helps me to achieve ‘[Oliver twist ‘] orgasm especially when my breast is socked all the way through. Although this particular method drains my husband after the show, but guess what he comes for it again and again”

17 … Wife, one of the best ways to accelerate this is for you to be able to interpret your body. you must understand your body system and mechanism and also pay attention to what both your body and mind is saying before and during intercourse. Know your libidoral peak and libidoral tolerance level this will always put you above and intoxicated always.

18 … Women need to know the areas of their bodies that could cause a spark of raw fire. Some of the better-known spots include the G-zone, the inner part of the thighs, the nape of the neck, the nipples, the first three inches of the vaginal when it vigorously fingered to a stupor and other places that each individual woman has discovered. It is important that a wife guides and directs her husband to the parts of her body that gives her maximum pleasure. This is good for building up tempo and achieving climax.

19 … For some other wives, creating a special environment can do the magic.

20 …. For others, it could be soft music. So, figure out the kind of atmosphere that works for you.

21 … Enlist the cooperation of your husbands to set the tune. Talk about past thrilling experiences to heighten your state of arousal, and this will keep you bleeding with pure vaginal fluid to get you so wet way before the action; which will always help against the issue of vaginal dryness.

22 … Many wives think it a taboo to fantasize about how big their husband’s penis are, or are massive are their husbands’ scrotum is, or how masculine their husband’s cheat are , or how powerful his thrusting in and out looks like when he is actively active; well good new you better start fantasizing about such endowments now because! many other wives are dying to have such area of fantasies.

23 … Wives please stop complaining that he is asking for blow job all the time, or he is thrusting in and out like an hungry, famished, starving  and ravenous vulture, rather embrace the pleasure of the moment,  and then store such memories in your brain,  and then few hours before the next action do a replay of the tape over and again and see the wonder of setting you ablaze for the next real action of good sexual intercourse.  

24 … This is very important because it availed your husband of the cumbersome work of getting your arose via foreplay again. Why? Because you have help to set the stage ready already. I tell wives that this is one of the reasons many husbands skip foreplays [because it is actually very cumbersome and demanding, it drain their power of performance] although foreplay should not be totally eliminated from sex but, there should always be a point of understanding compromise.  

25 … So, the conclusion of the matter is this, fantasize about what you and your husband will be doing later this evening; visualize every hot detail and make your whole being responded to his stimulations more quickly. Nothing will distract you because you have wisely handled all distractions

26 …  It is obvious that a lady who had undergone female genital mutilation would find it difficult to experience orgasm easily, depending on the degree of the clitoral cut. This category of ladies needs special attention and extended love play. Husbands are advised to be gentler. Besides, husbands are also advised to have an outstanding knowledge of this operation and know what to do whenever the need arises.

27 … Basically, female genital mutilation entails the removal of the vulva of a woman, either in part or whole. This is done to reduce female libido and prevent promiscuity. This minor operation varies from the removal of the structure that covers and protects the clitoris and part of the labia minor, to the total removal of the clitoris and the labia minor. The labia major is then stitched together locally, leaving a tiny opening for the flow of menstrual blood and urine.

28 … Wives that had previously undergone this type of local operation at any level will definitely have painful sex and difficulty during labour and childbirth. Most times, this category of ladies develops laceration of the uterus during childbirth which may take time to heal, thus making resumption of sex between the couple difficult. In spite of this minor operation, the clitoris and G-spot can heighten sexual pleasure. So, where the clitoris has been removed for one reason or the other, a wife could assist her husband to locate her G-spot area along the front wall of her vagina.

29 … Husband remember the quickest way to experience quick orgasm is to stimulate these two areas with some strategic positioning. One last word, frequent orgasm + healthy sex = medical fitness. Try it and keep your sex bed hot.

30 … Husband remember also, that you must beep up and never play the amateur guy on bed. The moment your wife discovers this you will ever suffer low self esteem on the sex bed.

31 … Let me state this that [according to statistic gathered by world sex therapists] Nigerian husbands are in the lowest rank of the most amateur sex men in the world! in spite their big and massive penis size. Please may I state here that the size of the penis is more appreciated by the brain the carrier of the penis applies to put the penis into action, it not so much about the size but about the performance of the penis.

32 … This is basically because such husbands are either too proud to admit they are naïve unexperienced and clueless on what to do and as usual these categories of husbands parade and exhibit their veto power as the head of the home to legally rape their wives or better still shout the woman down and call her names all because she challenge their sexual ability skill and prowess or ignorance.

33 … In Nigerian society, and some part of the Ester and Asian world, women get the bigger share of attention when it comes to sexual training; right from when she is a young girl, she is been taught how to be a wife and mother, way into her teenager and young adult she is also taught how to satisfy a man, know all sexual tricks. In some part of the country the bride to be are taught how to sexually prepare themselves, how to use soft cotton clothes to bath her husband with prior to sex even the right words to whisper intimately into his ear and so on and so forth. While the men are expected to just know what to do. Sadly, the truth of the matter is that many men lack bedroom skills and cannot just satisfy their wives at all.

34 … They either have never received any form of sex education from relevant and appropriate source and when these husbands get married, they do not only pay a heavy price for their ignorance, uncivilized, unrefined, coarse and uncultured-rough way they go the way of many men, shout down their wives and pretend all is well sexually

35 … These categories of husbands are usually proud to appear as a novice, so they put up a front of ‘I am the man, so I am in control’.

36 … Husbands please whenever you are ready to make love don’t just said to your wife ‘I want to have sex now’ I can assure you that all you will ever achieve to do is  [just dip your penis inside the vaginal] No! that is not sex all you just succeeded doing is you just  ‘pump’  up your penis and emptied the ‘Pumped’ penis into a reservoir pumped too hard you may, end up bruising your penis and the vaginal of your wife.

37 … Some Nigerian men [educated or not] sometimes may be a disaster on bed. The truth of the matter is that men have often found navigating the pitfalls of romance an increasingly bewildering task simply because they do not receive the same sex education as the girls. And this is a silent problem destroying marriages, married couples are either breaking up or having affair even after getting married in churches or mosques and in some of these cases men are to blame.

38 … The teaching such men receive is ‘how to be man’- being bossy, taking care of the family by providing food and clothes, but not how to please their wives in the bedroom, talk less of helping her experience eruptive orgasm.

39 …  As a result, when girls get into marriage, they find their men are more ‘old fashioned’ [especially the traditional and religious ones] than they initially thought. There is usually nothing most of these wives can do because their only sex education lessons rotate around being submissive and ‘pleasing to the man’.

40 … And instead of men to look for healthy guideline materials for sex they get drawn to pornography video which push them father into competition. 

41 … To make your wife experience good sex is not a matter of verbal competition of how many rounds you could achieve within a time limit, but rather how many times did your wife ask for more and more and more! This about this while I see you next time.

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