150 ways to unravel every sexual mix-up

150 ways to unravel every sexual mix-up

So, how’s your sex life?  This is a question couples find difficult to answer straight and satisfactory whenever they are either on the phone, or on skype or in my office for counselling or consultation, and most time when [or if I eventually] get answers they are more of a life-threatening reply than expected. Many times, these answers make you develop a deep sense of pity for either the couple or one of the partners instead of a sense of harmony. While 14% out of 100% gives you favorable answers. Why do we still have so much sexual mix-up when knowledge is available all around us? Couples are not exposing themselves to the very visible side of sex. Satisfactory sex is still a mirage to many couples.

1 … Human beings are creatures famously consumed by thoughts of sex, yet many couples remain remarkably confused about what great sex is and how to have it. So many couples are shadowed by self-doubt and clouded by myths and misperceptions. It’s not just about our mind-set it also about our readiness to change and also work on our sexual mechanics. Couples are mentally and physically hampered or hindered in many ways. We’re impeded on our path to greater sexual pleasure. Can’t we all just have great sex? Of course, we can.

2 … Beforehand I would love to encourage couple not to be disorganized with anxiety, or plagued by concerns during sex especially over their performance, nor worried about the worthiness of their physique during lovemaking. This is one of the greatest destroyers of great sex.

3 … Because even when you both did well sexually, I mean your wife literarily  melted at your touch, you also  boomed and blossom like a horse rider, and both of you had a good climax but one of you  still harbour a feeling of ‘I did not do well enough’ or the other fellow is suspicion of his or her partner under-performance: nursing the impression that you’re not getting it as often as everyone else, comparing your sexual satisfaction with the last conversation you heard while with your pals. This feeling will make you believe there is still something better whereas you are just doing great.

4 … Most assuredly, great sex is actually in the eye of the beholder for some couple, it might be the ability to produce fantabulous multiple orgasms in their partner.

5 … For other couple, it might mean being able to last for twenty to thirty minutes.

6 … For some other it might be the after effect of the blowjob that is still making your brain to spin.

7 … To others it might be the fact that you were just closer to yourselves than you use to be, while to others it is the ability for all the sensitive erotic organs [like the nipples, breast, clitoris, tip of the penis and some others] in your shouting ‘yee I am put to maximum use thank you’ and so on.

8 …  In other word being a great lover means becoming a great lover to your spouse first and then to yourself. 

9 … Best sex is when a partner sees good sex from the eye of his or her spouse, does he or she think heavenly about kissing as in like he or she pariotorize kissing then learn the act of good kissing, good kissing and other orally administered forms of arousal (none of which should be underestimated), it’s a tool for communication great sex to your spouse.

10 … Try it. Tell your spouse what you want. Ask what he or she likes. The truth of the matter is if you get to know yourself and your spouse, you’ll have a much more erotic and explosive moments in your sexual relationship.

11 … Amazingly do you know that lot of wives are very responsive to a man’s voice during lovemaking, if a husband has verbal facility and can entice his wife through his voice, that can become a powerful part of his great sex tools.

12 … Remember, do not paint a distorted picture for another man ask for something new you can take home if you happen to talk with your friend about sex. When men do talk, they often puff themselves up to their peers. Less apt than women to discuss their insecurities and more inclined to exaggerate their exploits, men paint distorted pictures of their sex lives for one another. A lot of men wind up thinking that their sex life is missing something, that other men are having wild sex or more frequent satisfactory sex.

13 … Fourthly, as much as you may share sexual ideas with other do not compare your sex Life with unhealthy Pornography display.

14 … Not everything couples should know about sex should be learned from pornography. But a lot of it maybe needful if the erotic films are very educative and informative.

15 … Pornography is populated as it is by flawlessly formed of women and men with imprinted art work abdomen and ‘out of this world’ endowments, adult entertainment makes many husband and wives wonder: why can’t I have a wife like this or why can’t my husband be just like this man?  

16 … Besides the fact that real people are not always with perfect bodies. One of the most destructive myths of pornography is that it convinces so many couples that they are either frigid and lack good libido, whereas they are just perfect and very okay. They forget that pornography is self-selecting men and women who have been injected with killing artificial libido enchasing drugs.

17 … Some of the other fictions that pornography perpetuates are the idea that women are always primed and ready (but you and I know that in the real world, many wives do say ‘no’ to sex most times if not all the time); and pornography portray otherwise.

18 … One man’s food maybe another man’s poison there is a need to keep studying your spouse regularly. And, do not always believe that satisfying sex always culminates in orgasm.

19 … Many couple have never experience orgasm and they are doing pretty well sexually Pornography can inspire us to greater sexual exploration. But learning from it takes time to implement so there is a need for partners to be patience with each other and only learn reality and not idealize fables.

20 … Also, focusing on pleasurable sensations has over the years help many couples a lot. These  are techniques ranging from eye-gazing to eye-caressing and synchronized breathing that help keep you in the moment and now because  great sex happens in the present. It doesn’t happen in the future.

21 … This is also applicable to anxiety when couples fix their mind on anxiety about their performance, they mess things up; if couples can just relax and don’t major on how well they are going to perform sexually this will open them up to better sex and have great sex all the time.

22 … Couples are encouraged to make sure they are happy with one another this helps them to be healthy, when a husband in particular is naturally happy he gets instance ragging erection and a very hard steaming ejaculation.

23 … As the saying goes, the best measure of a man’s character is the company he keeps. But what about his sexual health? According to recent research, the best measure of a man sexual performance is his erection. Good erection equates real man and great sex. A man’s overall health directly affects the quality of his erections. And if the promise of longer life isn’t enough to convince men to take care of themselves, the promise of harder erections might be.

24 … Ironically a husband sexual performance and the quest for great sex is still the greatest hook to get him to make some real healthy good life changes. This is because it has become hard to deny the importance of erections in men’s health. It is now clear that men with heart disease were more likely to develop erectile dysfunction (ED). Men with ED were 80% more likely to develop heart disease than men without ED — regardless of smokinghigh blood pressurediabetes, and weight. Men in their 40s who had ED had the most dramatic increase in heart disease risk. They were more than twice as likely to develop heart disease as men of the same age without ED. Men with moderate-to-severe ED were 65% more likely to develop heart disease over a 10-year period compared with men who didn’t have ED.

25 … In hardening of the arteries fatty deposits build up inside arteries and form a plaque, making the walls of the arteries stiff and restricting blood flow. Eventually, chunks of plaque may break off into the bloodstream and lodge somewhere else, where they block blood flow. If a blockage forms in the heart, it causes a heart attack; in the brain, it causes a stroke. What does that have to with an erection? To get erect, the penis must become engorged with blood; and for that to happen, the endothelium must relax, allowing the arteries to widen and let blood flow into the penis. Arteries that lead to the penis are smaller than the arteries that lead to the brain or the heart. And most times these arteries get blocked leading to ED. By definition, having ED means a man cannot get an erection hard enough for penetration or one that lasts long enough for him to reach orgasm.

26 … Erectile dysfunction, formerly known as impotence, affects an estimated 18 million men in the United States alone, while Nigeria men shares the borderline of the statistics. However, while this condition is no picnic, it is not as horrible nor as permanent as it sounds or as it is generally believed to be.

27 … All the terror and the shame usually associated with this problem is only so because the condition is most often completely misunderstood and permanent solution evades us.

28 … According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 5% of 40-year-old men and between 15% and 25% of 65-year-old men experience ED on a long-term basis.

29 … But ironically close to 15% of Nigerian youth between the ages of 27-35 are fast entering the list. 

30 … A much more common problem which affects the majority of men at some point in their life is the occasional failure to achieve an erection, which can occur for a variety of reasons, such as from drinking too much alcohol or from being extremely tried to variety of health problems.

31 … Therefore, let us first attempt to define and to understand exactly what erectile dysfunction is, and how it is caused. Then we will discuss how it can and does affect the lives of men who suffer from it, and how it affects the people around them, for it does influence wives, family, and friends too, even if indirectly.

 32 … Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the condition and what it entails, we’ll discuss how to cure it. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is generally defined as the inability to achieve or to maintain an erection long enough to engage in sexual intercourse.

33 … However, to fully understand erectile dysfunction, one first has to understand how the process of erection works. Initially, you need to realize that the penis contains two chambers. These chambers are called the corpora cavernosa, which are filled with spongy tissue. They run the length of the organ and contain a maze of blood vessels shaped like cavernous spaces. 

34 … An erection is achieved – and this is where you should pay full attention – when the blood vessels of the corpora cavernous relax and open up – because of nerve messages which stimulate the penis, and impulses from the brain and local nerves. As blood rushes in through the cavernous arteries to fill them, it is trapped under high pressure, which expands the penis and voilà – you have taken off.

35 … So, under normal circumstances, when you are sexually stimulated, your brain will send a message downstairs, through your spinal cord and into the nerves of your penis. The nerve endings of the penis then release chemical messengers, called neurotransmitters, which signal the arteries that supply blood to the corpora cavernous to relax and fill with blood. As they expand, the corpora cavernosa close off other veins which would normally drain blood from the penis.

 36 … As the penis becomes engorged with blood, it enlarges and stiffens, causing an erection. Problems with blood vessels, nerves, or tissues of the penis can interfere with an erection.

37 … In essence then, erectile dysfunction is simply a problem with your blood flow cause by varieties of causes ranging from organic, circumstantial, psychological, environmental, psychosomatic, lifestyle and eating habits and so on, and thus, is a problem that can be easily be resolved.

38 … No need to be embarrassed about it, or to throw away your marriage relationships, and be distressed and depressed, for it could happen to anyone. Failure to achieve an erection less than 20% of the time is not unusual and treatment is rarely needed. Failure to achieve an erection more than 50% of the time, however, generally indicates that there is a problem requiring attention. 

39 … Sometimes, Erectile Dysfunction only occurs in certain situations. For example, you may be able to obtain an erection by just looking at a nude picture or just thinking about your wife or just remembering the last time you had an earth rendering sexual escapades, or you may find that you sometimes wake up with an erection.

40 …  However, the same you may be momentarily unable to obtain an erection when you are with your wife.

41 … In these circumstances, it is likely that the underlying cause of ED is primarily psychological, psychosomatic and circumstantial. However, if you are unable to obtain an erection under any circumstances, it is likely that the underlying cause is primarily physical. In order to achieve an erection, the following conditions must occur.

42 … If there is something interfering with any or all of these conditions, a full erection will be prevented. The blood circulation into the penis must be adequate. The veins and tissues must be able to “trap and keep” the blood inside the penis.

43 … There must be a stimulus from the brain. The nerves must be very sensitive, the prostate must produce testosterone.

44 … Common causes of Erectile Dysfunction include diseases which affect blood flow, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) or venous leakage (weak veins), diseases affecting the heart in general, issues with diabetes mellitus, infection.

45 … Furthermore, psychological factors, such as stress, depression, and performance anxiety can lead to ED too, as well as an injury to the penis. Additionally, chronic illness, certain medications, and a condition called Peyronie’s Disease (scar tissue in the penis) can also cause ED.

46 … Now, as most men and couples fail to truly understand Erectile Dysfunction, its causes, and how it can effectively be cured, through entirely natural means at home or natural herbal preparations, exercises and even massages, they tend to get scared, and then leap to panicked and irrational conclusions.

47 … The lack of understanding breeds unfounded fears, which spawn a series of misguided thoughts and rash actions, and those in turn, engender significant distress, and a host of other problems in life.

48 … In addition, I love husbands to know how to really protect their erection, am saying this because whenever a typical man calls in or send an email or visit my office one major question that is constant in their enquiries is how to protect their erection.  How to maintain better ejaculation despite of prevailing challenges? How to make the woman in their lives prefers their sexual prowess to all others out there.

49 … Whatever the level of success a man may have achieved one of the happiest moments is the moment his sexual prowess is celebrated. This shows that a man’s manhood is what defines him. It’s what makes man feel like a man.

50 … And whenever sexual performance is questionable, it makes him feel less like a man. From a very young age, boys have grown up dreaming of superb sex. And when they get married and start having sex there’s a lot of pressure to be great in bed. Typically, men want their wives to love them for their sexual prowess. And every time a wife tells them that they are the best in bed, it makes them proud and even produces some form of instance hard on. For most men, making a wife orgasm is a huge relief. It’s like a test where men need to constantly prove themselves.

51 … And at some point, of time a man may not really be ready for sex maybe because of tiredness, or under lot of stress or ill-health; and when he does have sex during these times, he may have sex, but with poor erection. And once that happens, the failure or inability to perform well lingers on his mind for so long this is not only scary but confusing. No matter what a man does, every time he gets naked, the thought of a weak or inactive penis comes back into his head. And that leads to performance anxiety.

52 … This is a psychological issue that scares lot of men who haven’t been having wonderful sex even though they may be medically fit.

53 … Just because of few failing attempts these men try anxiously to overcome another episode of loss of erection, but the harder they tried to get a hard erection back, the worse they feel about themselves. This performance anxiety could be so overwhelming that during sex such men even frequently take their penis in and out while having sex just to make sure all is well and penetrating again but ironically this lead to losing erection altogether.

54 … This is frightening especially if it’s a regular occurrence.

55 …. When this happen many men mostly think the worse has come but sometimes losing an erection may be all just in the head. When a man loses an erection a few times while having sex, but still manages to get a raging hard on he may not be suffering from any erectile issues. In all probability, it’s all in his head.

56 … When this happens, I tell wives to try and find ways to get their husbands mind to stop thinking negative. Wives can also help distract the man’s mind from his weak penis thoughts this help them to get back in no time.

57 … While fear of many things can make a man loss an erection at times, overexcitement can have the same effect too.

58 … Wives do you know that the very thought that you’re so sexy and more sexually experienced can drive your husband so crazy, and chances are, he may end up losing his erection while his heart starts racing when he’s looking at you in bed.

59 …  It’s a tough world for men, especially when they have to live up to the glorious expectations of women in the world. When a man loses an erection in bed, there are just two emotions he experiences anger and fear.

60 … He’s angry with everything around him because he couldn’t keep it up. And he’s afraid it may happen again. Especially when this happens frequently, he starts to fill his head with other thoughts.

61 … He’ll secretly wonder if he’s not sexually attracted to his wife anymore. He feels like a failure because to him he’s failed to please you sexually.

62 … It shatters him and depresses him. He knows you haven’t had an orgasm, which secretly makes him feel even more like a failure.

63 … He’s embarrassed. Losing an erection is like losing a game you’re very good at. It’s embarrassing and humiliating. And it’s even more so if it happens often.

He’s angry with himself. And he’ll stay angry for a long time, perhaps even days.

64 … When a man’s penis fails him, it’s something he can’t understand. He can’t justify any reasons for it and that makes him angrier. 

65 … He then sometimes avoids sex. 

66 … This is the most common route that most husbands take; he may want to avoid sex because he’s afraid of repeating his failures.

67 … Gaining back an erection is not only the work of the husband wives can help immensely.

68 … Sometimes, the behavior of the wife in bed after the man goes flaccid midway can have a huge impact on him.

69 … So, wives reassure your man and make him feel like his weak erection didn’t really bother you. Don’t make a big deal about it or talk about it for a long time. Just tell him you’re completely fine with what happened and both of you can do it some other time.

70 … Talk about something else to take his mind of his loses and he’ll feel grateful to you. 

71 … Prolong foreplay, having sex as soon as he gets erect may seem like the best option, but it’s not always the right thing to do.

72 …  Instead, prolong the foreplay and let him just relax and enjoy his erection. Indulge in foreplay without giving any attention to his penis or ‘hard-ons’.

73 … Let him play with your breast and clitoris for at least fifteen minutes before he penetrates you. It’ll help him last longer.

74 … It may be necessary if you can fake an orgasm and pretend like you just climax, it may give your man more confidence about his sexual prowess.

75 … Don’t do this too often though, or you may end up hating sex too!

76 … Talk about anything that can distract his thoughts from worrying about his weak penis.

77 … Lie down next to him and talk about his fantasies. It’ll almost always help him get a raging hard on back again.

78 … However, remember that whatever you do, don’t get stressed worrying about your virility.

79 … Sometimes, banning sex may actually help your man feel better about himself. Even if both of you make out, he doesn’t have to get stressed over penetrating you.

80 … Over time, he may start to experience better erections and his confidence may grow too. One of the many ways a man can also protect his erection is to try and make sure he does not harm his testes, testes can be harmed when men sit for too long a time in one position.

81 … This way there is no adequate circulation to the testes and many times the oxygen supply is not enough and before long the testes dries off like a dead leave.

82 … Besides it is wise when men avoid anabolic steroids drugs these are the categories of drugs that some men use to help with erection build-up, these set of steroids can shrink the testicles and sap the testes their ability to also makes testosterone.

83 … Never forget to do all you can to avoid anxiety of performance psychologically this boosts level of the hormone adrenaline, which makes blood vessels contract. And this can be very bad for an erection. Anything a man can do to ease anxiety of performance and tension and feel better emotionally is likely to give his sex life a big boost and protect his erection.   

84 … Couples please bear in mind that your though about sex must always be right, do all you can to constantly have right sexual though pattern.

85 … Our society is wired in a way that makes an average couple think that a soul pleasing sex is beyond their reach; maybe a re-think of such believe should be considered, because an intense and fulfilling sex life begins with a man’s or a woman’s thought pattern and general life’s attitude.

86 … Sex is design in a way that each time any married partner remembers sex the mere thought of it should instantly produce a warmth feeling towards their spouse, create raw spark, and produce an immediate arousal and sexual escapades expectations.

87 … But ironically it most time the other way round, because many married lovers never really remember having any satisfactory sexual moment with their spouse their warmth feelings and anticipation to have sex is either towards their secret lovers, or their [un-erasable] one night stand involvement with a call girl, or their fantasy with a porn movie star or secret heart affair sexual adventure with a new sex partner.  

88 … But I can tell you authoritatively that it is not only within a couple’s power to have a passionate and stimulating fulfilling sex life but it also a conscious spouse’s responsibility to make it a reality.

89 … The more prepared and active a partner is in seeking and giving pleasure to his or her mate the more he or she will get thrilling and revitalizing sex in return.

90 … Some couples say ‘’oh I can’t even remember the last time we made exceptional or unforgettable love’’. Hmmm if that is the case just stop for a moment and drop all you are doing and just for a moment think about making passionate, hot and juicy to your spouse right now and you will be amazed how aroused, ready and overwhelming you will be right away!!! You see!!!

91 … Now with this level of feeling, arousal and readiness give your spouse a call and book an appointment for a special meeting. Even if you are on a special ‘fasting assignment’, ‘’this special appointment can still be booked after the fast. To make sure you keep ‘’this special appointment’’ please for once give it an exceptional attention.

92 … If you work in an office, you may for once close before the closing hours to beat the traffic and be punctual for ‘’this’’ special appointment! If you are a business person make sure everything is in place and put ‘’this special’’ appointment on your top priority list for the day. If you are a nursing mother, ask someone else to do the school runs for you and help take care of the kids just for few hours to attend to your ‘special appointment’ 

93 … When you are at the venue of ‘’the appointment’’ be it in your home or a special eat out or a hotel or guest house or an unknown destination please do not wait to be turned on, start by turning yourself on, how you may ask? By still thinking on how tasty, fabulous and creative sex is going to be between the both of you.

94 … The more active your thoughts are the sexier you will feel.

95 … And the sexier you feel, the better sex will be regardless of your age, shape, weight, look, health, present prevailing situation just name it! Just make sure you are in your best frame of mind because studies have shown that married partners with high self-esteem and better mind set enjoy brilliant sex to breathtaking, magnificent, level more than those who do not feel good about themselves and think the worse of every situation.

96 … If you as a married partner is experiencing a communication road block with your spouse and there seems to always be a great wall of misunderstanding between both of you on important issues remember great sex is just another way of communicating with your lover, if you keep the line of good sexual communication open you will and would be able to dialogue on other issues of life freely and sincerely.

97 … What is sexual communication? Simply put ability to talk about what you find enjoyable, sensational, adventurous and memorable in a guilt-free atmosphere. And the ability to persevere and bear up with your partner till they come into the same sexual wave-length with you. 

98 …. The more you occasionally or more often create room for this ‘’special appointment’’ scenarios you will be amazed that the more both of you will have more time to work on improving your sex life, and the more some inhibitions and preconceptions about what you would or would not do with your husband or wife changes for better.

99 … We are all sexual creatures and our bodies has a way of giving us first-hand information about our sexuality when we spend more time exploring the intricacies of the makeup of these bodies.  In exploring what gets your spouse fired up try not to be critical, your spouse sex drive is like a console with thousands of buttons that when you touch or tap or press rightly you will in return get plenty of clichés as well as some strange and wonderful surprises that will encourage you for booking other special appointments.

100 …This will take you two far into the worlds of various discoveries, for instance would you believe that a turn-on for your spouse might just be an innocent thing. Besides it been discovered that as older a spouse gets so the sexual approach to get the best out of them differs and deepened. 

101 … This is because partners change in marriage, they change in age, need, desires, emotional and also in sexual needs. Adopting different types of sex make room for a truly amazing sexual enjoyment. Most up-to-date couples do not just have sex — they have great and brilliant sex all because they subject themselves to learning. In other words, couples who are ready to learn will discover so much about sex.

102 … Couples should learn also on how to detect sexuality challenge early in life before marriage, because one of the many challenges of a sincere loving and faithful couple is the inadequate exposure to knowledge at the appropriate time.

103 …  Many[FA1]  couples before their marriage union are clueless as to one or two sexual abnormalities in their bodies and because they were not practicing premarital sex, they just assume that all is well. 

104 ….  In as much as premarital sex is not been encourage and aid it is wise for individuals to carry out some screenings at the very early stage of their existence.

105 … Examination such as prenatal visit is a good one for parent to involve in so as to detect early any sex and sexuality abnormalities in their children.

106 … Many communicable diseases that may lead to impotency, erectile dysfunction and frigidity in women and some ill-reproductive conditions could be detected at this stage.

107 … Even while children are in school age era, parents should see taking their children to the hospital for sexual organs examination and screening as part of healthy growing up plans.

108 …  It is paramount for young adult to frequently screen or examine themselves against sexual transmitted diseases, undescended testes, HIV/AIDS infection, absence of testes, obstruction of the sperm pipe, abnormal penis growths, abnormal colouration of the penis, abnormal function of the penis, abnormal libido presentation and so on for the men. While for the young lady it is very important for her to screen against cervical cancer, cervical incompetency, all abnormalities of the womb, all abnormalities of the ovary ovum, fallopian tubes, all abnormality of hormonal imbalance or malfunctions, all libidoral abnormalities and also frigidity levels, the breast is a sex vital organ it should be examine frequently and ladies should watch out for discolouration, growth, lump, dimple, discharges of any kind such as fluid, pus, oil even as early as age 12 or even lesser.

109 … According to researched it has been discovered that men and women who have the privileged of early exposure to good screening and medical examination always receive better easier and treatable case invariably making them a fulfilled married partner in later years than those who do not.

110 … Even after marriage, in order to detect early some silent cause of premature ejaculation, weak erection, erectile dysfunction, arteriosclerosis [this is the hardening of the arteries], frigidity, low libido in men and women, low sperm count, low sperm motility, inability of the to produce semen or sperm cell, rhesus incompatibility, absence of egg in the womb, female hormonal imbalance, ovarian cyst, blocked fallopian tube, inability of the woman to produce fluid for sex during the thrusting in and out leading to abnormal dryness, inability to get pregnant, frequent loss of pregnancy due to pre-eclampsia or eclampsia and so on.

111 …  It is advisable for couples to do a frequent screening once or twice in a year.

112 … I also do advocate that couples can know some of their medical conditions and be able to provide adequate information to the doctor or sexologist or sex therapist by making sure there is a first aid box in their homes which should contain a thermometer this is to check the body temperature.

113 … This thermometer is needful especially for those couples who want to understand their menstrual cycle who desire to know what natural family planning methods all is about, or couples who want to pin pointedly locate their ovulation period either to detect safe periods for sex or otherwise.

114 … Also, for couples to be able to give medical personals cogent answers during interrogation. The first aid box should also contain the blood pressure measurements garget called the sphygmomanometer this is a must have garget in the home of every married couples because it does not only help to detects silent killers illness and diseases such as hypertension, heart conditions arteries conditions in both husband and wife even the children it definitely do help to detect early what can make erection, ejaculation and penis problems become reversible/arousal and libido problem in both man and woman revocable, Sphygmomanometer is a must have in every home.

115 … This sphygmomanometer or otherwise called blood pressure apparatus has been packaged in such a way that it can easily enter the handbag, computer bags or any handy pouch for anyone to take about. It has also come in digital, easy to handle, follow instruction steadily pack that even an uneducated layman can operate it. But an automatic or electronic device is recommended, and the instrument generally have the same basic parts: inflatable cuff. The cuff’s inner layer fills with air and squeezes your arm. The cuff’s outer layer has a fastener to hold the cuff in place. Heart rate and blood flow are automatically calculated by measuring the changes in the motion of your artery as the blood flows through while the cuff deflates. Gauge for readouts. 

116 … Some blood pressure monitors can take multiple readings and report the averages. Digital monitors that are fitted on the upper arm are generally the most accurate.

117 … I would like to emphasis on the reason for monitoring your blood pressure at home   because it is extremely relevant to couples sexuality survival. It can also help with early diagnosis; self-monitoring can help your doctor diagnose high blood pressure earlier than if you have only occasional blood pressure readings in a medical office. Home monitoring is especially important if you have slightly elevated blood pressure (prehypertension) or another condition that could contribute to high blood pressure, such as diabetes or kidney problems.

118 … It can also help track your treatment. The only way to know whether your lifestyle/eating habit changes or the effect of some medications or if those medications are working is to check your blood pressure regularly.

119 … Monitoring blood pressure changes at home can help you and your doctor make decisions about your treatment, such as adjusting dosages or changing medications. It also encourages better control of your health self-monitoring can give you a stronger sense of responsibility for your health.

120 … You may feel even more motivated to control your blood pressure with an improved diet, physical activity and proper medication use. It helps cut your health care costs self-monitoring might decrease your number of visits to your doctor or clinic.

121 …. It will also help check if your blood pressure differs outside the doctor’s office. Some people experience spikes in blood pressure due to anxiety associated with seeing a doctor (this is called white coat hypertension).

122 …  Other people have normal blood pressure at a clinic but elevated pressure elsewhere (called masked hypertension). Regular monitoring blood pressure at home can help determine if you have true high blood pressure especially knowing that the health of a couple’s blood pressure has a direct link to the survival of their sex life.

123 … Please note that no matter what type of home blood pressure monitor you choose, proper use requires training and practice. Before using a monitor for the first time, have your doctor watch you use the device to see if you’re doing it properly. Measure your blood pressure twice daily and please do measure your blood pressure at about the same time, same place, same posture each day. 

124 … The first measurement should be in the morning before eating or taking any medications, and the second in the evening.

125 … Each time you measure, take two or three readings to make sure your results are accurate. Don’t measure your blood pressure right after you wake up give a period of few minutes’ intervals you can prepare for the day by praying first then do the measuring, but don’t eat breakfast or take medications before measuring your blood pressure.

125 … If you exercise after waking, take your blood pressure before exercising. Do not measure your blood pressure within 30 minutes of drinking caffeine or Pepsis or smoking. Avoid food, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol for 30 minutes before taking a measurement. Also, go to the toilet first. A full bladder and bowels may affect your reading and can increase blood pressure slightly.

126 … Find a quiet place to check your blood pressure Sit correctly sit with your back straight and supported (on a dining chair, for example, rather than a sofa). sit quietly before and during monitoring you will need to listen for your heartbeat. 

127 … When you’re ready to take your blood pressure, sit for five minutes in a comfortable position with your legs and ankles uncrossed and your back supported against a chair, with your arm resting on a firm surface and your feet flat on the floor. Try to be calm and not think about stressful things.

128 … Don’t talk while taking your blood pressure. Make sure your arm is positioned properly and that the cuff around your arm is at the same level as your heart. Always use the same arm when taking your blood pressure.

129 …  Rest your arm, raised to the level of your heart, on a table, desk or chair arm, your arm should rest comfortably at heart level. You might need to place a pillow or cushion under your arm to elevate it high enough. You may need to support your arm with a cushion and to be sure it is at the correct height. Your arm should be relaxed, not tensed.

130 … Wear loose-fitting clothes like a short sleeved t-shirt so that you can push your sleeve up comfortably and place the cuff on bare skin, not over clothing. Rolling up a sleeve until it tightens around your arm can result in an inaccurate reading, so you may need to slip your arm out of the sleeve.

131 … Make sure the middle of the cuff is placed directly above the eye of the elbow. Always use the same arm for blood pressure readings, as each arm will give you a slightly different reading. If possible, use the arm that your doctor or nurse uses. Take a repeat reading. 

132 … Wait for three to four minutes after the first reading, and then take another to check accuracy. Accurately record all your results, record all of your readings, including the date and time taken Blood pressure varies throughout the day, and readings are often a little higher in the morning. Also, your blood pressure might be slightly lower at home than in a medical office, typically by about five points.

133 … Take two or three readings, each about two minutes apart, and then work out the average. Some people find that their first reading is much higher than the next readings. If this is true for you, keep taking readings until they level out and stop falling, then use this as your reading. Record your reading but do not round your measurements up or down – if you don’t keep accurate records of your blood pressure it may affect health. Measure at the same time daily. 

134 … It’s important to take the readings at the same time each day, such as morning and evening do not be alarmed if you get an unexpected high reading – a one-off reading may be nothing to worry about. Measure your blood pressure again at another time, but if you find that it continues to be high after a period of time, see your doctor.

135 … Understand the readings, optimal blood pressure is less than 120/80 mm Hg (systolic pressure is 120 and diastolic pressure is less than 80). Do not check your blood pressure too often – you may become worried or stressed about small changes in your reading. This can raise your blood pressure in the short-term. Worrying about your blood-pressure reading may actually make it higher.

136 … Many factors affect blood pressure if one arm consistently has higher blood pressure than the other, that arm should be used to measure your blood pressure. If you did not get an accurate reading, DO NOT inflate the cuff again right away.

137 … Wait one minute before repeating the measurement. Start by reapplying the cuff. Follow your doctor’s instructions on when and how often you should measure your blood pressure. Record the date, time, systolic and diastolic pressures. You should also record any special circumstances like any recent exercise, meal, or stressful event.

138 … At least once a year, and especially after you first purchase your blood pressure monitor, bring your monitor with you to your doctor’s visit to check the machine’s accuracy. This is done by comparing a blood pressure reading from your machine with one from the doctor’s office machine. As much as this is a perquisite for many home, home blood pressure monitoring is not a substitute for visits to your doctor, and home blood pressure monitors may have some limitations.

139 … False rising many things can make your blood pressure rise temporarily for a short time. For example, stress, smoking, extreme Cold/ hot temperatures, exercise, caffeine, and certain medicines.

140 … After all, said and done I just want to chip it in that couples should learn all about total self-abandonment during sexual act that can make an ordinary wife whispers the ‘unusual’ and an ordinary husband ask fo

141 … Start off by sending some romantic and erotic texting, while at work or somewhere far away from home. Such as; “I’m just thinking about you right now and I am not only full of some sexual surprises for you I want to go down with you” or “hurry back and come to where your heart is, I can’t wait to have all of you inside me. 

142 … And while at home when you are certain  the coast is clear and the environment is favourable start off sexual exploration by saying what you dream of, and  love to take place between the both of you, what you  are going to do, and promise you will do it,  with a very low sexy seductive voice. Or you can subtly whisper I love and enjoy passionate sex with you, come kiss me and undress me, the feel of your breast in my hands are the best erotic feel I always have. Many husbands are eagerly waiting to hear something hot and seductive like “I love the feel of this please don’t stop”, or “Ooh, I need you inside me, you are always the best.” Then try describing your feelings and sensations, like, “Mmm, you taste so good” or “ahhh you feel so good pressed up against my body, are we repeating this soon?

143 … Researchers says words such as come into me, don’t go I want more of this, your rod satisfy me fully and so or are said to turn husbands on faster than anything, words are powerful especially seductive erotic sexy words, try some tonight. Husband do you know that ordinary ‘come to me my one and only’ can make your wife be ready for sex there and then? Or when she says something that makes you happy: You can say ‘hee you make me so happy.

144 … I feel warm inside when I am around you can’t wait to get inside you again and again. Whenever you envisage sex make sure you make the foreplay hot and steamy for her. Begin with small bites on the earlobes and along the contours of her neck, followed by smooth and tender sucking on both nipples.

145 … Use light touches along the torso with your fingertips. Do these until you come into contact with her inner thighs? Let your wife be the one to guide you once she is prepared to take the exploration to a new level.

146 … Then slowly pull her to the bed play with her affectionately then tactically open her legs wide with one hand while the other hand lift her left leg up, slowly place your male organ on her female organ and push it in gently immediately your male organ gets in make sure she holds you so close while her leg is still lifted for easily entry and say nice things to her earing. when you notice she is steady on bed, then lift her up turn her back making her two hands hold the bed rail, tilt her up a bit in a doggy style form with her two-breast accessible for your gentle caressing and massaging, the degree of your intensify thrusting can make your wife moan for pleasure.

147 … This type of explorative sex can linger on as long as both spouse desires. After a while make her husband you can even make your wife lie on the couch faced down then kneel behind her and fill her genitals from behind with all your fingers in a rhythmic manner until you could fill her wet with her natural lubricated fluid.

148 … You may keep on exploring with your fingers till she makes some usual sighing. If you notice she enjoys the act you may then turn her face up and make her hold onto your waist and slowly enter into again but this time make sure your entering is gentle and welcoming making her face full of smiles.

149 … Nothing stops a wife to be explosive while making love with her husband. Place one of your nipples in your husband’s mouth and seductively tell him you want him to suck it as he makes loves with you.

150 … Play with his male organ tease him like a baby; let him giggle while you touch him, it brings the boy out of him. Touch the tip of his penis with your breasts systematically rubs it against your nipple. The cap of the penis is very sensitive; try to ‘feather’ touch that spot with your tongue and see a new man emerge in your husband.

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